#WeeklySmile – sleep tight

You are never fully dressed without a smile! And guess what? It is contagious. So tread carefully, you may just catch a smile if you continue reading….

I really wanted to be part of Trent’s first #weeklysmile link up.  If there is one thing that can make me smile, even in my darkest day –  it is the little bright spark in my universe. I went digging through my old blog and found this poem to share with all of you, which I originally wrote in June of 2014. The poetry may not be the best, but the sentiment behind it still rings true.

Sleep tight

I wake, to watch you sleeping.

You are far away and dreaming…

Your small hands look for mine…

You wrap them around my finger…


You have your head on my chest.

Your ear close to my heart.

The beats lolling you on to dreamland.

I struggle not to shower you with kisses.


Little mouth, little nose and rosy cheeks.

Sleep now my little dreamer, sleep tight.

Tomorrow you awake to bring energy into my life.

For now you shine light into my heart.

Sweet dreams. And kisses I cannot resist to give.

I love you.


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