P is for Posture. #AtoZChallenge on #Wellness

Are you slouching? Involuntarily, leaning your head in while you are sipping that coffee? Well, SIT UP STRAIGHT!

PPosture. How you carry yourself has a direct impact on your wellbeing. Bad posture will decrease concentration and performance. It will tire you out. Over prolonged periods, it can cause headaches. If it is bad day in and day out it will cause back strain, neck pain, and other health issues. Yea, all that just from how you sit, stand and walk throughout the day. Even how you lie down and on what you lie, has an impact on your health. Apparently, bad posture even prevents one from loosing weight.

How to correct this problem?

Well, you are halfway there already. Being aware of posture, I find is the first step in improving it. Depending on where your bad posture problem areas are there are exercises you can do. Scroll down to the references section of this post.

Infographic vector designed by Freepik
Infographic vector designed by Freepik

Equipment and posture

Then obviously, there is also the equipment you use during the day. It is well worth the effort to invest in proper back support in a chair if you are sitting on it all day long. Look for the words “ergonomically designed” whenever you have to buy a new piece of equipment, which you plan to use for long periods during the day. These days, you get everything from ergonomically designed chairs to ergonomically designed keyboards. Yes, even a keyboard has an impact on your health, if you are using it a large part of the day. Bad keyboard posture can lead to wrist pain. Having a good mattress and not a very wobbly one goes a long way, in helping you minimize back pain (even if sleeping on it takes some getting used to).
Try sitting on a fitness ball to get the idea of what proper sitting posture is. Some people even use those as chairs.


Finally yet importantly, let me leave you with some easy self-help references.


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5 thoughts on “P is for Posture. #AtoZChallenge on #Wellness

  1. Now, I guess we are all guilty of some bad posture here and there…
    I try to have a good posture. Back when I was a kid some people had those medecin balls but I the form of a holeless donut that you can place on a chair. I guess they still exist.

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