W is for Water. #AtoZChallenge on #Wellness

Isn’t it odd? You only know what you have when it is gone. A lack of water in your system will cause dehydration. Severe dehydration may lead to death. A lack of water in our system will cause some bad side effects.

  • Headaches
  • Bladder infection
  • Kidney Stones
  • Impaired concentration
  • Fatigue

Just to mention a few. When it comes to what we drink, we need to make sure however, it is beneficial to our health. Something with too much sugar or some toxic flavor may cause some undesired effects.

Therefore, it is recommended to drink plenty of the good stuff:


Water is as essential to us as air. Water is excellent in assisting the body to naturally rid itself of some undesired toxins. It is one of the best thirst quenchers.

What commonly consumed liquids are not so good?

Coffee has a dehydrating effect. It is good practice to drink two cups of water for every one cup of coffee.

I’m not going to get into how terrible all those artificially sweetened carbonated drinks are. It’s nice to drink them every now and then. But like with all things in life it comes back to balance. If those sweet fizzy’s are all you are going to be hydrating yourself with – you will defiantly see the bad effects. Diabetes and obesity being high on the list of possible outcomes.

Do I really need to mention the excess consumption of alcohol here? Not only does it dehydrate your system, but it will cause you to become intoxicated. Again, balance.

How much water does our body need?

In essence, we should be hydrating ourselves with about two liters of the good stuff each day.

So what am I saying here?

I’m saying that we need to keep ourselves well hydrated with some healthy liquids such as water. Rooibos tea. Green Tea. Diluted pure fruit juice all contain water and are good for you. If you are not into water, try something like that instead. But, keep yourself well hydrated with the good stuff.

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profile-pic-2Sarina often sat on the peaks of the dunes of Southern Africa watching the ocean tide drift in. A daydreamer, often dreaming up stories for lands somewhere over the rainbow. She is a mother, a wife, a blogger and an overall creative spirit. Above all, she is a human being.

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