If we were having coffee at the halfway mark

It’s the aroma of coffee, which makes this such a popular drink, don’t you think? My eyelids close ever so slightly as I breathe in the fragrance of the moment. Then an acute awareness strikes me. I’m not alone. It’s at this moment, if we were having coffee, I’d look at you and smile somewhat coquettishly.

Ladies and gentlemen, the glass is half full. Not the coffee mug though, that starts off filled adequately, until the very last drop touches your lips. When you stare back into the cup wondering were it all went, there’s more where that came from. If we were having coffee, we’d drink from the bottomless cup. However today, those of us who took up the challenge to blog each day in November have reached our halfway mark. We are halfway there. We may as well finish the race.


I pause with the coffee mug in my hand. Standing halfway up the mountain we are climbing, we can look back on the incredible view of blog posts published. We can look beyond the limits of this digital space.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that outside this blog, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. My children are both teething. For my one-year-old that means an upset stomach and the need for comfort. He’s not a great sleeper, to start with, but now he looks for more solace during the night. I love him, I don’t complain and never would exchange this for anything else. I’m just not getting as much rest as is desired and find myself constantly tired. What was I thinking challenging myself to a post a day? Oh, I prepared. I knew there would be days I could not post something. So I scheduled a few posts in October. But soon time will catch up with my head start.

In the meanwhile, my washing machine is doing overtime as I deal with poop all over the show, even on me. Apart from growing an extra molar, my five-year-old picked up an ear infection. And on top of that we are busy preparing her for a transition to a new school. Never a dull moment.

Not to forget the clog in the machine of life, I’ve got my job, which I’m grateful for to keep me busy and all that comes with that daily routine. Some day’s I find myself thinking that the things I post here are so unoriginal. So in-authentic. And I see you rolling your eye’s thinking—is she really such an inspiration obsessed being? I need the inspiration as motivation to keep on moving in my own life. I want the things I put here to be a benefit to whoever reads them, even if just a tiny little bit. Words are what I have to give, but the point of this paragraph was to tell you, that there is a human, imperfect human being behind them, with daily struggles similar to those experienced by many other people.


If we were having coffee on this midpoint of November, I’d point out the posts which have brought me here. Although not strictly part of my NaNoBloMo challenge most of my loyal readers have missed the first post I scheduled on the 1st of November. I guess I can not blame them. I went from writing one monthly post, to writing one each day. On the first, there were two posts.

How to overcome relationship disaster taught to us by bedtime stories was part of my 12 Day’s of it does not need to be perfect series.

I kicked off, Nano Poblano with a motivational video and post titled: How to overcome procrastination and fear. Change your life today!

On day two, I gave y’all a peek ate how I created the 2017 Nano Poblano badge.

Day three, was for a little bit of humor, with a post titled: What’s the best writers joke you know?
Day four and five were short and sweet with a Quote. Do you & Maybe we should let that s*** go.

Day six, I did the unspeakable and tried my hand at a little satire and description thereof.

The seventh post was again short and sweet with a YouTube video, in a post titled: Time to follow your dream?
While the post on the eighth was not much longer titled: What song describes you?
On the ninth, I reflected on the ‘Me too hash-tag’ with a post titled: What Women Want. And, let me give you a little tip, it’s not a chocolate coated ice cream Sunday—although those are nice.
Then on day ten, I went back to keep things short and simple with a very interesting YouTube video. I seem to like YouTube allot, don’t I?
Then for 11.11, I wrote a little poetry – something I’ve not done in quite some time. The poem is titled: One-word obsession, while I created the cover art with Inkscape.
On day 12, I went back to my tried and tested method of a Motivational Quote in a post titled: Results, actions and trying.
The 13th saw a somewhat longer post reflecting on the bedtime story: the ugly duckling. I looked at how this fairy tale really relates to life.
Yesterday, all my trouble seemed so far away and I simply went back to a YouTube snippet and tilted it: Listen …

If we were having coffee, I’d be happy if you’d read all my posts. However, the days are over where I stress myself about likes, views and who are not reading. These days, I find that once I’ve scheduled my post, I pretty much let it go. Sometimes, something will nag me, I will hear the same song played on repeat in my head or whatever reminds me to write a post until I’ve done so and hit the schedule button. Of-cause I notice the same faces for each of my posts—those people who read most everything I write. Thank you.


If we were having coffee, I’d joke that there is one thing writers want more than coffee. It’s readers. Not bucket loads of cash. Real writers want readers more. The buckets of cash come along as an added bonus. It’s the readers who really matter. It’s the message and the story and what those two things can do for the reader. Well constructed poetry and prose, are both an enjoyment for the author and her readership. Additionally how words can invoke a feeling, a picture, a lesson.

After some thousand words, if we were having coffee I’d look up and ask; if we were having coffee what would you like to reflect on?

NanoPoblano 2017

This post links to a month’s long daily blogging challenge, during November. See who else has signed up to be a Little Pepper HERE. It’s called NANO POBLANO / NaBloPoMo

About the Author

profile-pic-2Sarina often sat on the peaks of the dunes of Southern Africa watching the ocean tide drift in. A daydreamer, often dreaming up stories for lands somewhere over the rainbow. She is a mother, a wife, a blogger and an overall creative spirit. Above all, she is a human being.

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5 thoughts on “If we were having coffee at the halfway mark

  1. I actually don’t like coffee. I’m not a big fan of the smell – don’t dislike it, but don’t see the attraction in it either – and can’t stand the taste. Now tea is another matter, so if you invited me for coffee, I’d order tea instead. Not to be awkward, but because I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to drink something I don’t like just so I could accurately state that we had coffee together.

    I’ve been enjoying your posts this month. I find your inspirational posts thought-provoking a lot of the time, and enjoyable all of the time. I just don’t comment much. It’s not personal… I don’t comment much on anyone’s blog. You an tell the posts I enjoyed most by the fact I share them on Twitter though, since I don’t share things just for the sake of it. I only share what I find interesting, or worthy of sharing for some other reason.


    1. I’ll have to remember your prefrence for tea. 😉
      Thank you for reading. Personally, I also find commenting and even responding to comments hard – which is why sometimes it takes me a day or two to respond. Also thanks for all your shares.


  2. I’m a sweet tooth kind of guy and more of a fan of tea, so my coffee would have to be replaced with a cup of tea or a hot chocolate (preferably stuff to the brim with other goodies like marshmallows, cream, sprinkles, etc). I do really like the smell and taste of coffee though, it is invigorating and tastes delicious in cakes 🙂

    I enjoyed looking at this recap post, you have certainly created a wealthy selection of interesting content to reflect back on at the halfway point. I will keep on reading until I get to the end of all your NanoPoblano posts and enjoying myself immensely while doing so 🙂 Inspirational posts are my favourite and you do come up with a lot of motivational content to inspire us all. Whatever topics you decide to post on, they all delight and challenge us to think about our lives and mutual experiences, so I thank you for that and much more 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh, hot chocolate with Marshmallows, what a festive idea!
      And thank you. I believe we need to fill our head with positive things, especially in this day and age, when the news and such will have you believe everything is negative. I try to focus on wellness, which incorporates personal growth, and inspiration. There’s a whole description on my about page if you’re interested. But, obviously these are subjects I have a real interest in, which makes it easy to write and share what I come across. 😊


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