As a child, what was your favorite fairy tale?

I wanted to ask what your favorite bedtime story was as a child,  but then not all of us were read to. Reading was not a big thing in my own upbringing. But we did have an old vinyl record with several fairy tales on it.  And we had a TV. Later, once I could read I could discover fairy tales for myself.

I’ve always loved them, in general, but had a particular fondness for a select few.


1. Cinderella

First on my list was Cinderella.  The original version,  not the Disney movie. I loved when Cinderella visits her mother’s grave and could request anything from the tree growing on it. Then later Cinderella leaves her mean step-sisters behind to go live a dream life. What’s not to like?

2. Disney’s – The Little Mermaid

The second was The Little Mermaid. The movie came out when I was about 7, or at least at that time it became very popular.  I later went to our school library to loan a fairy tale collection with the original version just cause was curious as to where Disney came up with their plot. The original was somewhat sad really if I recall. But obviously, in Disneyland, everyone lives happily ever after. Now, who doesn’t want to be a Mermaid?

3.  The valiant little tailor

The third fairy tale I loved is titled: the valiant little tailor. Now here is a fairy tale Disney should adopt into an animation.  It’s got all the trademarks of an excellent tale. It ends happily ever after. There’s believing in yourself and the subsequent overcoming of impossible odds sown into the plot. And, personal growth of the protagonist as a result.

So, what about you? What was your favorite fairy tale?

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7 thoughts on “As a child, what was your favorite fairy tale?

  1. I’m no good at things like this. I struggle with the “what’s your favourite…” questions. For one thing, I always have several favourites. For another thing, my favourites usually change depending on when you ask me, how I feel at the time, and if I’ve recently done connected to them.

    Reading was a big part of my growing up. For one thing, reading to us was one of the few ways my Mam had of getting one of my brothers (a year older than me) to stay still for more than two seconds. For another thing, it was something I could do even during my many stays in hospital. The latter also likely being responsible for my passion for writing, which was another favourite thing of mine to do when stuck in hospital.


  2. I think my favourite was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Mostly because I love porridge (the sweeter the better) and because I have curly hair when it grows out 🙂 I also really liked the idea of a bear family that could walk and talk too. It made bears seem less terrifying than if you were caught with one out in the woods and had nowhere to run. I could cope with them being mad about me eating their porridge 🙂

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