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These day’s we have Apps for everything. We have Apps to help our babies sleep, there are Apps to read our news on, Apps for our fitness and Apps and Apps. What about an App to make you happy?
Happiness, it’s a bit vague. It’s subjective. It’s elusive and you’d say there is no App for that.

Well actually, and I’ll quote this straight from the App I’m writing this review on:

“One of the most effective ways that people can make themselves happier is to note down each day three good things that happened to them. Most people spend more time worrying about problems in their lives, rather than about thinking what has made them happy. Research indicates that the act of recalling and writing down what has gone well each day helps give people a positive outlook and greater self-esteem.”

This act of writing down three good things is generally referred to as a gratitude journal. Now for anyone who has been following my blog for a while, will know that I believe in the power of gratitude. In today’s society there’s way too much attention on everything else, but the simple act of being thankful. This small seeming thing can shift your entire perspective and can help you on the road to happiness. Note, I say help you on the road. It’s not the only thing. Perhaps like I recently read it could be one of many things, one 5% contribution towards beating depression & melancholy. Er, maybe this one gets 10%.

Here’s where an App can come in handy. You could certainly jot down three good things in a plain paper journal but an App on your phone has definite benefits. Not only can you jot down three things any time without having to take your paper journal with you, but there are some things an App can do that a paper journal can’t. The App I enjoy in this regard is called Gratitude Garden. It is available both on the Google Play store for Android and on iTunes for Apple devices.

It’s quite easy to use. You simply hit the Start button and jot down three things for which you are grateful, good things that happen.

Reading much personal growth, self-help type of things I know that one breaks bad habits by rewarding good ones. It seems to me this App was designed with this in mind.

If the reward of being grateful is not big enough for you, each time you have written down three things you get 50 points. Once you have collected a certain amount of points you can select an animal to put in your Garden. The Garden consists of beautiful artwork. What also set’s this App apart from the rest is the little “select a card” feature which pops up after you have entered your three items. These cards are mindful little reminders of positivity. Honestly, this feature is what I enjoy most about this App.

And like any good gratitude journal app, this one does not neglect to send you little reminders to be grateful. Reminders are in the form of one of your previous good things which you jotted down. Unlike any of the modern App’s – this one does not pester you with Pop-Up adds. It’s absolutely for free (well apart from your data used to download the App) The only way I can see the developer benefiting from the App is in that there are links to her website under the Courses & Coaching tab and information tab. Seriously, that’s not intrusive at all.

It’s a seriously good App to have. So thank you to Izzy McRae for designing it and Neville Sattentau for the beautiful artwork.

P.S.Neither of these people has asked me to review the App. I do so because I feel it could be of benefit to anyone reading this post. Also, this is my way of saying thank you.
Copyright on above screenshots from the App is used per fair use.


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8 thoughts on “App #review – #Gratitude Garden

  1. Thanks for this clearly written piece of information about this app. As you indicate, one definitely can use the app in ways that can help one emotional, mentally and in a practical way.

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  2. This does sound like a really lovely and useful app. I have a feature phone right now but you can bet in a couple of months when I get a Smartphone again, I will make sure to grab this little beauty and give it some serious use. I think the placing the animals in the garden is what excites me the most, along with my own personal mindfulness and wellbeing too of course 😉

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