Let my spit fall where wants! Finding a silver lining in this Covid-19 storm

When did the world get stuck in the pages of some dystopian novel? I looked at the picture of my daughter during the school break. She sat in a little square, painted onto the paved playground. One point five meters from her the next child, in his little square. All around her, miniature robots, with a face mask.

Social distancing has been dubbed an act of kindness. Compassion. After all, I don’t want a stray droplet of my saliva to condemn you to your death. COVID-19! COVID-19! COVID-19! Wait, did someone mention a suicide?

The infection rate rises. Death tolls become just another thing we hear about. We standby when government officials in hazmat suits transport the infected to some facility, and dump someone’s kin into a makeshift grave, in the middle of nowhere. The fear. The anxiety. The shreds of hope lost in,” the medical community, just don’t know yet.”

COVID-19! COVID-19! COVID-19! Don’t forget to squirt that clinical smell onto your hands. And for peep sakes! Stop laughing. It causes droplets! New research says it’s… Everyone knows everything about




My head is about to explode!

“I read somewhere that COVID, …”, someone said as we talked, masks on, one point five meters apart.
My response, ” I read somewhere that because I rest in the shadow of the almighty, no evil shall befall me and no plague shall come near my dwelling.”

Did I just paraphrase the word of God (specifically Psalm 91), because I simply can’t hear more Covid-19 smut? While the voice of those who try and find something positive in all this mess become quieter, the still small voice grows louder.

My God’s not dead – He’s surely alive!
"Yes, place my word in your mouth! 
Roar it like a lion."

Oh! How’d like to let my spit fall where it will! I want to be free from breathing my own carbon dioxide. I want to get the alcoholic smell of hand sanitizer out of my nostrils. I want to dance in the fresh air. I want to go out, discover new places. And, I want to colour my hair indigo. But most of all, I just want to hug people again.

when will I be able to just hug people again?

But until then, I will wear my mask. I will apply a liberal amount of hand sanitizer. I will stand one point five meters from people. And I will pray. Yes, pray. Because I’ve lost all desire for some dead religion, but can’t wait to speak to my heavenly father. I want to tell him all about how I’m at the end of my wits. I want to pound my hand on the floor, and ask Him to give us all a little more patience, a little more compassion, and His shalom (peace).

I want to apologize for complaining about government policy. They are trying their best. Father, give them wisdom. Yes, wisdom!

Tell the lonely, you are there with them. Hold those who have just found out the world is now upside down. Tell the frustrated, we’re all in this together. Wounding words crush my heart, when they ask, where is your God? But Your word is like a refreshing stream of life. Your word lifts everything else off. A source of sustaining hope.
(Read Psalm 42)

Is there a silver lining in this plague-stricken world? You may need to look a little longer. You may not find it in ready-made packages of the usual motivational fluff. Let the truth and the light speak it to your heart, and hold on tight. And then when all this is over, the human race as a whole will come out a little stronger.

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