Losing my religion: What if they find out that I’m a Jesus Freak? – Why the label Christian does not equal being a hypocrite

“Therefore everyone who acknowledges me before people, I also will acknowledge him before my Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies me before people, I also will deny him before my Father who is in heaven.”

Matthew 10: 32&33 (LEB)

Unashamed and boldly, declaring Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior is a challenge. Not only does it lay you bear to the cynics, but being associated with some people in this world who call themselves Christian is cringe-worthy. Frankly, though, I’ve come to a stage in my life where there’s no disguising the truth.

What would people say when they find out I’m a Jesus freak? Am I to be held captive by what other people think? No way! Bring on that label, “Jesus Freak.” Let me declare it courageously, just like DC Talk in their break out hit from 1995. Isn’t it amazing when music helps you vocalize, something so instinctively freighting?

Perhaps my truest fear lies in the label, “hypocrite.” Sadly, many Christians behave this way. Unlike the true spirit of Christ, they are sanctimonious and fake. They act as if they are better than … This makes me cringe.

No, me – I’m ever aware of all my flaws, and my many, many faults.
As I grow closer in my walk and relationship with Jesus, I grow more aware of my many inadequacies. Each day brings me new revelation on just how short I fall to the standard set by Jesus. I become ever more aware of His amazing Grace. And Grace is nothing else but the undeserved, cannot even come close to earning, can’t do anything to receive it – favour of God.

To put it plainly, He doesn’t owe me anything. He doesn’t need me for anything. But still, freely he gives me this gift of his Grace. He loves me unconditionally. This concept blows my mind each time I dare to think about it.

Jesus loves me, no matter my every weakness. With him, I can be fearlessly honest, because he knows my thoughts, desires, dreams, and ugly truths. He is the calm within my storm. He’s the hand that catches me when I’m about to sink.

Yes, I am a Jesus Freak …

This does not mean I throw my bible into the face of everyone I meet. Jesus is the light and the way. I can trust that his light will shine on through my inadequacies.

But then we get this problem: But you’re a Christian, you are supposed to …

Being a Christian does not mean I’m perfect. It does not imply I am to take responsibility for everything in this world which has gone wrong. And, if these things are beyond my control, it does not even require I have to take responsibility for the things which have gone wrong in the lives of my relatives. Jesus does not expect me to drown myself while trying to help someone. Saying “no, I can’t help you there,” does not make me a hypocrite.

Being a Christian means, I need Jesus, every single day. It means that every day I fall short of God’s standard. It means that every single day, even on the days when I’m at my most charitable, happiest, kindest, most gentle, most self-controlled, and fearless – yes, especially then I need Jesus. Walking with Jesus means I will try to be these things, but I can be none of these things without him.

Being a Christian does not mean I need to let other people emotionally blackmail me. It does not mean I need to let other people control me with their manipulative ways. Jesus despises gaslighting, probably more than even I do.

Being a Christian does not make your problems, my problems, but being a Christan means I can run to God with every problem. I can ask Him to help me, you and everyone else who has a problem. However, the sovereign God of the universe may or may not involve me in resolving that problem. You may say resolving the problem is not my problem.

Jesus has His own special way to resolve problems …

He calls us each to our own specific purpose. He puts gifts and talents on the inside of us. Then He pulls together the threads, that becomes a solution no one was dreaming about. Sometimes, Jesus may ask your help in a specific situation, and other times he has a better solution. But if you can’t acknowledge him, then he can’t use you. He can’t let a seed grow in your heart to mature. And if you can’t acknowledge him, what use is it that you pray?

Allow him, in all things, to lead the way. Let him show you where you can and cannot be of help.  Christian means Christ is in me. It means I need Christ in every way, every day. It means that only his blood has made me righteous. There is no self-righteous. I can never be morally superior to anyone, no matter how talented, wealthy or influential I may think I am.

So what if they find out that I’m a Jesus freak?

Jesus Freak! Jesus Freak! Jesus Freak!

It means that I’ve realised that as a deer longs for streams of water, I don’t just want , but rather I really need that man called Jesus, who walked this earth some plus 2000 years ago. What about you?

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