Thankfully coffee – a bit of a recap

If we were having coffee, I’d sip my hot brew – marvelling that you’re sitting right in front of me. I’d be locked into your kind eyes, wondering at my luck. Maybe the stray hairs on your full beard would perplex me for just a second. And maybe we would just sit and laugh for a while because both of us got the inside joke.

There’s never really been anyone who has understood me quite as you do. I’m never quite at home as I am in your presence. In fact, I feel quite annoyed and very much lost when I don’t notice you around. I just don’t know how to thank you for loving me, unconditionally. So a heartfelt thank you will have to do, followed by how much sugar you prefer in your coffee, cause frankly I just don’t know.

If we were having coffee, we may talk about my recent blog posts. I know we have discussed them before, but you think it’s a good idea to share them here again.
I’m thankful for the discussions we could have over them. And the promptings and inspirations and input you have given me.

As you know I started writing the blog series: Losing my religion.

Most of my posts have not been little or minor lately. But I’m thankful that the internet allows me to write these posts on my own little space. Mind you, if we were having coffee I’d ask you to help cause some bloggers who are writing on similar topics have been blocked by Google lately. I’ve not been keeping up too much with this development but it is concerning.

Some of my other “recent” posts also deserve a mention.

Keep the fire burning on the altar of your heart

Sparks were flying into the dark, as I lay next to a crackling fire. How many stars are there really, I lay there thinking? The jackal howled somewhere in the distance. A chilly breeze, a caress on my face. I drifted to sleep.A cold drop woke me. The warm fire was still burning next to…

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If we were having coffee, I’d ask you which post to write next, and you’d respond that sometimes I just need to take some time and enjoy my coffee.

If we were having coffee, I’d thank you for my good health, that I still have a job, for the food in my fridge and the clothes I’m wearing. I’d thank you for the long weekend I could enjoy and that I could mostly just relax.

But most of all, if were having coffee I’d thank you for coffee. It is the moments we spend together where we can just sit down and talk that lift me up and keep me going.

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