Thankfully coffee – time to snuggle them warm furry friends

If we were having coffee, we’d gulp down our hot brew, thankful for the warm rising aroma. My freezing fingers clutch the mug as if it were a teddy bear. I’d regard you, thoughtfully, look into your eyes and wonder what goes on behind that painted smile?

We all need time to just chill out, snuggle under a warm blanket and stop thinking about what is going on in the world. I’m thankful for such moments.

Time to cuddle a warm furry friend, such as our two above. Kiara is the one that is grey and black striped, while Mufassa is the ginger one. Occasionally, we nickname Mufassa, Fussy. It suits his nature. While we shorten the name Kiara to Kiri. A Kiri is a type of African walking stick, also used to smack someone over the head. So as you may guess, our young cat is quite a feisty character.

If we were having coffee, Kiara would jump by your foot, as Fussy’s paw lightly taps one of Mini-Me’s colourful marbles. The tiny ball clonks on the tiled floor as it rolls. Then Kiri hits it again, and both cats jump behind the toy, in a comical little dance. Grateful for my adorable pets, I’d offer you another warm mug.

If we were having coffee, we’d discuss Covid and the effect it is currently having on all of our lives. It’s an unavoidable topic. And unfortunately, we lost one of our close, long-time friends this week. Reality hit home. I was really at a loss for words, sad.

I’m thankful for the friends and relatives who have recovered from this. With recent figures at an all-time high here, it has been alarming. It gives one a newfound appreciation for people in the medical industry, our front-line workers. Vitamins.

And since we are having digital coffee, if you can call this blog post that, I might have to confess, that it has been nearly two weeks since my last post. I was hoping on getting into a more regular posting cycle. Nevertheless, in case you missed them, my three most recent posts:

So, if we were having coffee, what would be on your gratitude list?
Maybe you can think of a small thing you are proud of?
Or, perhaps there’s something you are looking forward to in the week ahead? We can chat about something that has gone well for you this week?

9 thoughts on “Thankfully coffee – time to snuggle them warm furry friends

  1. While you sip your hot coffee, thankful for its heat, I’m drinking water and hoping to stay hydrated in the very hot weather we’re currently having. It’s currently 28 degrees C (which, being in the 80s F, isn’t hot by some standards, but is by UK standards, especially to someone like me who doesn’t do well in hot weather). I don’t drink coffee anyhow, so would have opted for tea. However, I’m attending a virtual tea party next weekend, and needed to stage my tea party for the photos for my own post today, and must confess to deciding pink lemonade would be a much more welcome addition to my tea party than a pot of tea.

    Anyway, I’m sorry for your loss. I’d say something comforting, but even though I’m a writer I really don’t know what to say. Sometimes there aren’t any words. None that will do anything anyhow. I mean, words don’t make it easier when you lose someone, and they don’t bring the person back. And… Now I’m just rambling, so I’ll move on.

    Your cats sound adorable. My dogs are playful like that. Usually. Right now they’re passed out at my feet though, since even Lilie – our very hyper Westie – agrees it’s too hot to play. I think Logan – my Cavapoo – is glad, since his temperature tolerence isn’t as high as hers, and I know he was wishing she’d leave him alone when she was attempting to coax him in to a game of chase yesterday (when it was also very hot). Even Artemis – my tortoise – has dug in for a nap to escape the hottest part of the day. Though it’s our chinchilla, Mollie, I feel most sorry for, since chinchillas aren’t built for heat, and though we’re doing all we can for her, she’s miserable and uncomfortable right now, despite our efforts to keep her cool and happy.


  2. Thank you for your positive post! It is rather warm here as we’ve had a warm week 30C most days, very warm for Sweden. I am grateful for my family’s good health, and vacation. Thank you for the coffee!

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  3. Hi – um, I don’t see a name. Can I call you just SS?
    I also don’t think we’ve met as I don’t recognize your blog.
    However, I do appreciate any call to recall things to be happy (or thankful) about.
    This past few weeks a peer blogger posted one of my stories on her blog.
    Writing stories is what I blog about and I use mine to collect and share those stories.
    I am also a Christian, but that’s not what I write about. I write clean funny short stories to be read and to entertain. Some of my newer fiction pieces are not funny, but thoughtful.
    My coffee share this week is a simple fun thing that starts with an actual event that happened to me but I quickly dropped into a fun sarcastic fictional visit between two friends sharing coffee together. If you need a laugh, this might meet that need. Mine is easy to find under the block with my photo.

    Anyway, welcome to our group. I hope you come back.


      1. And now I have a name.
        Your gavitar profile has outed you.
        It’s good to have met you Sarina and I hope to run into you again. My story blog has many other clean and fun stories. You would be welcome to pop by and wander the menu stacks.
        My stories are not “Christian” per say, but I have had some real “Christian” adventures that you might enjoy.
        Easily my most embarrassing situation came from a young girl when I was the kids pastor. If you can bear a cringe-worthy but funny kid ministry effort falling off the rails, you might enjoy:

        Blessings. . . .

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    1. I’ve always loved writing the coffee post, and can remember the start of this link up as far as 2015. It always seems to find itself a new home, which is kinda awesome.


  4. COVID has hit close to home here this week too, although not anywhere near us. It is looking like he will be released from the hospital to go home soon, so that is great news. It is just too bad his choice to not get vaccinated hadn’t exposed others. Hopefully he will now choose to get vaccinated once he is has completely recovered. I just learned of someone who had COVID, recovered and thought there was no need to get the vaccine because he had already had COVID. Unfortunately, they now are sick with COVID again.
    So glad that you linked up with your TToT post.


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