10 FREE Bible study resources

I’m always on the lookout for new bible study tools, Free Christian Books and other resources. I love free things, but sometimes you just get what you pay for. And if you pay nothing, well you get my point. Not so with the following resources. These are really worth your time in looking into.


So what is Logos? Logos is a bible study software.

There’s one very good reason,why you will find the Logos Free book of the month at the bottom of this blog. I really love the free Logos resources I get on a monthly basis with the free version of Logos, which comes with many free study tools. (Yea, so many times FREE in one sentence but you’ll understand if you check out Logos) Among these:

  • The Lexam Bible Dictionary
  • The Faithlife Study Bible
  • The Lexam English Bible
  • Several other English Bibles and other language Bibles
  • A full commentary of the whole Bible
  • A bible study guide
  • Several theological books of Historical Value, (by Augustine, Martin Luther, etc.)

These are fully searchable, right there in the app – just imagine the time you save on looking up references.

To be quite frank, I could not list all the FREE high value books, audio and video resources I got along with my FREE basic version of Logos. I currently have 127 books / resources in my Logos library. Of these I paid for – only one. Incidentally, this is the one book which lead me to Logos. I read a review of this book which stated that it is much better reading directly in Logos. And the review was right. Logos allows you to open the bible references directly in the book you are currently reading. This means on desktop you could read the bible parallel to your study book. In the mobile version of Logos, a screen pops up for you to read the reference right there in the app.

The Lexam Bible comes with a free interlinear tool right there in the app. Subsequently, you can do a word search in a matter of seconds. These are just some features of Logos.

Now, in all honesty, not everything on Logos is free. And as anybody who has ever purchased a set of commentaries or other academic level Christian Literature will know, some of these resources are very costly, no matter where you purchase them. But the FREE resources of Logos will get you pretty far. If you don’t intend to write your sermon right there in the app, you will probably not need to upgrade your version of Logos.

(This is a affiliate link, but does not affect anything I’ve stated about the resource)

e Sword

eSword is another FREE bible study software. It does not have a mobile app. But the desktop application is still very much worth your time. What I enjoy about this program is the clean interface. Also, it allows you to download many public domain commentaries, devotionals, bible dictionaries, graphics, and reference books. If you want quick access to most of the noted writers of the previous century, look no further. Authors such as Andrew Murray, E. M Bounds, and A. W. Tozer – all at your fingertips. And once you have downloaded the resources, you can access them, even while off-line.

eSword also has a free word editor right there in the app. You can use it to jot down your notes or write a sermon. It’s a tool used by pastors and laypeople alike.

ERF bibleserver.com

Now this is a study tool my pastor recently suggested. It’s parallel display of different bible translations is what get’s it on this list. It also features some of the public domain commentaries integrated into the software. However, this is an online only tool.

You Version

No list of FREE bible study tools is complete without You Version. I really like the mobile version of the app. It will allow you to download some bible translations for offline access. Some of the translations come with audio versions and the app will basically read your bible to you. Now you can listen to your bible while you are in the gym, while on a walk or while driving your car.

Also, the reading plans are really outstanding. However, a short word of warning, not all reading plans are created equal. In most cases, these are devotional, and not on an academic level. Some people find that some of the reading plans are faulty in their theology, which could probably be explained by which tradition you subscribe to. Now, since I prefer a bible based theology, this is a concern I share. Non the less they are still awesome.

There’s a great prayer tool incorporated into the software. I really like the parallel display in the mobile app. The desktop version in your browser will allow you to display two different bible translations in parallel mode.

MichAEl S Heiser

Michael S Heiser

“Scholarship aimed at truly understanding what the biblical writers meant often does not filter down into the church and through the pulpit to folks who show up on Sunday. I think that’s just wrong, but scholars rarely make any effort to decipher their own scholarly work for people outside the ivory tower.”

Naked BiBle

His Naked Bilbe podcast is beyond valuable. I have referenced it on this very blog several times. What’s nice about the podcast is that in most instances, you can also download a transcript.


Another outstanding Micheal S Heiser resource. MIQLAT has several of his books to download for FREE. The FREE versions are those translated into different languages. And also his book What does God want? In English and other languages. The MIQLAT website lists several of Heisers’ resources, free articles and the like.

YouTube Channels worth mentioning

Bible thinker

Bible Thinker is a YouTube based ministry by Pastor Mike Winger. Now, arguably, YouTube has many great channels for excellent bible content. Bible Thinker gets mention from me as a bible study resource because its mission is to help people think biblically. What’s more, Pastor Mike has done many a video on a verse by verse commentary on specific bible passages. These are really valuable for in-depth bible study.

The Remnant Radio

The varied guests from several Christian denominations and traditions, as well as academics alike, make this YouTube channel worth watching. There’s also a podcast version of each episode.

Mini bible college

I must say that I have gained much insight on Pastor Dick Woodwards’ podcast series called the Mini Bible Colledge. They created these episodes some time during the 80s and I still find them valuable today. On the website you will find extra study material, such as a student workbook on each “class”.

The Bible Project

“Helping people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus” is the Bible Projects mission statement. They have video content, a podcast, and an app – which they launched recently. If you create an account with them, you can track your study progress.

CLI / CLC – Christian Leaders institute / college

You could say, I have saved the best for last. And no, just in case you were wondering, this is not a hoax. Attend seminary, for FREE – online. Yes, go read that sentence again. I just can’t resist to write it out again:

Attend seminary, for FREE – online.

I kid you not. If you have taken any time to explore seminaries, you may have noticed that most of them are quite expensive. And while you won’t be able to get your “Bachelors in Divinity” for free, the fees charged are for a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere. The crux is, you could take most classes for FREE and get credits towards your degree. Essentially, you could only pay once you near completing and would like the degree.

There are also many FREE mini-courses – which would earn you certificates (points not credits) How far you’d want to go here is really up to you. If you’d like an official certificate paper for the diploma level, the fee is very nominal. Currently Christian Leaders Colledge offers up to bachelors level. You could use your qualification to do your masters at one of their academic partners.

Some of the courses come with FREE downloadable PDF versions of the textbooks used for the course. In most instances, they make use of high level free online Christian content to develop their courses. They do this so that students won’t have to buy expensive textbooks. They offer everything to you inside the course.

Now there are plenty more free online resources for bible study. I’ve just listed some which I have found most valuable. Which are your favorite bible study tools?

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