This thy time to shine
Seeds of positivity
Grow beyond the mind.

“Once upon a time …”

“Wait! Are we seriously going with, once upon a time? “

“Is this not how all good stories start? So then, once upon a time, there was a princess. “

“A princess, you could not come up with anything better? This is, after all, an About section you are writing here, it’s your only chance to make a good impression…”

“Would you just stop interrupting, so I can get on with writing a story!”

“A princess! You could not get any more cliche!”

“The princess analogy is very fitting to this story. I’ll explain it later. So then, there was a princess locked up in a tower inside her mind. The storm of depression raged on.”

“The storm of depression, so dramatic!”

“Ok, you! Shut up! I reserve the right to be dramatic, melodramatic, or take any type of tone I see fit to the message I’m trying to convey!”

“Aren’t your MESSAGES, supposed to be positive? Shining Seeds, as in, a metaphor for positive thoughts?’

“Yes, yes. The thoughts and feelings we have negative or positive have an impact on those touched. When we put them into writing, it is as much a seed planted in our own mind as it is also a seed planted in the mind of those who have read them. So I stick to the positive. “

“What a bunch of fluff!”

“Look, we cannot force someone to hear a message they are not ready to receive, but we must never underestimate the power of planting a seed.”

“Who decided to make you the guru of all things, positive thoughts!”

“It’s not just about positive thoughts, it’s about an entire mindset change. Renewing your mind on a daily basis. Wellness. Body. Mind. Spirit.”

“Okay, but let’s just face it! Sometimes bad things happen to good people. We know all about that. This world is cruel. All this positive thinking will not change that.”

“Then, I look up to the mountains. Does my strength come from the mountains? No, my strength comes from God, who made heaven and earth and the mountains.”

“Oh, brother! is that from the Bible?”

” I’m quoting one of my favorite songs here, which since I mostly listen to contemporary Christian music, this also happens to be from the Bible.”


“Well then, since you are now silent can I continue my story?”

“We’re back at, once upon a time a princess…”

“Exactly, she lived in a dark tower trapped inside her own mind. The storm of depression raged on. In the middle of the darkest night, the King sent out an army to find his daughter. Many moons the warriors of the light sought to bring down the forces which held the princess trapped. Jealous of the King’s love, out to get him where it hurts, the Lord of the darkness,”

“Hold up. Lord of the darkness! Oh never mind continue.”

“The lord of the darkness tried to spin a web of confusion. He sent his agents of the false light, to deceive the princess. But the King would have non of that. Into the middle of the snare meant to trap the Bright-Morning-Star appeared to speak to her heart. He told her of her Father’s love. It’s this truth, which set her free.”

“Okay, you know no one is going to understand this.”

“Oh, I think that someone may get it.”

“Just to set things straight, the Bright-Morning-Star, is Jesus right?”


“And the web of confusion and the false light, what’s that about?”

“In this case, I’m referring to the New Age Movement, all this flowery spirituality, which looks nice but isn’t anything but lies.”

“Why’d you go with the largest cliche of them all, the princess”

“Well, Sarina, my name means princess”

“No way!”

“Way! go look it up. I happen to know who I am, do you? Knowing who you are created to be, is vital to your wellbeing.”

“Honestly, I don’t understand! Why bother? No one cares either way!”

“When you put a seed into the ground, and water the soil, you sometimes find that a little plant will spring up. You can continue to give the plant some water and hope that it will become a fruit-bearing tree, or a pretty flower or something. Now sometimes, the seed won’t germinate. But just because there isn’t anything visible above the ground, it doesn’t mean the plant isn’t growing.
You just keep on, keeping on and eventually you will find that some seeds will sprout. It may take years before there is any kind of fruit, shade or other benefits you get from sowing seeds and watering the plants. It may not even be within your lifetime. You keep on sowing seeds and watering your ground because you hope that someday it will be of benefit to yourself or someone else.”

17 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m 99.99% sure I think I know who you are from a former life, so hopefully I am right and, if so, I am happy to see you again 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A pleasure to meet you Sarina. You’ve chosen a theme for your blog that is close to my heart…wellness is a broad topic that we can all learn from and one that deserves more of our attention. I wish you great success with your blog…and many thanks for visiting and following my blog.


  3. Hi Sarina. I love your about page and blog themes. I too started my blog as a way to focus on wellness and creativity. Thanks for following my blog. May we shine brightly with our seeds of light. blessings, Brad


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