The universe does not equal God. Why you can’t figure out who you are

The universe, too large for us to imagine, it spins in a never-ending revolution around itself. If you are standing still, it seems it is spinning around you. Spinning, a dizzy web of confusion. On the other hand ... God is love. God is light. God is spirit. God is the truth. God is good. … Continue reading The universe does not equal God. Why you can’t figure out who you are

App #review – #Gratitude Garden

These day’s we have Apps for everything. We have Apps to help our babies sleep, there are Apps to read our news on, Apps for our fitness and Apps and Apps. What about an App to make you happy? Happiness, it’s a bit vague. It’s subjective. It’s elusive and you’d say there is no App … Continue reading App #review – #Gratitude Garden

The Label we forget

“Above all, she is a human being” Bloggers, we sometimes do a weird thing. We refer to ourselves in the third person. Especially when we are writing an “about the author” section of a post or blog. It’s a style thing. In that same breath, have you ever checked the bio section in twitter? Any … Continue reading The Label we forget

Spotlight fever

The stage is dark. The curtains have just been raised. There we are. An echoing thump jolts our heart to full alertness. Standing there completely alone, you are not aware of me. I’m not aware of you. We are not aware of us. The blinding light seems to amplify our thumping chest. Sweat drips down … Continue reading Spotlight fever

What women want

Stop looking at your FaceBook and Twitter feeds for just a while, so I can show you this ageless secret. The secret of what women want, neigh what they crave.It’s this question this blog post will proceed to answer. Yes, I go with a single article where many a book have gone before. I’ll shrink it down in one universal, simple solution. Because after all, I am a woman. Read on.

What song best describes you?

"Are you one of the beautiful people? Is my name on the list? Want to be of the beautiful people, wanna feel like I'm missed." Lyrics from the song, Guest List by Eels Trying to fit in: I try. I try. I try. I fail. I grew up, I tried again. I failed again. … Continue reading What song best describes you?

Word of the day – satire

As most other bloggers, I write this blog because I’m bored and can’t find a better pass time. To indulge my craving to fill this blog with something else than chocolate, I’ve let slip this ‘word of the day feature’. It’s not like people can easily open the dictionary and discover words for themselves. Not … Continue reading Word of the day – satire

How to overcome relationship disaster taught to us by bedtime stories

“I also want to marry a prince,” my five-year old said when I finished reading her a bedtime story. It does not really matter which one, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty all have a common plot. In the end Prince Perfect shows up and rescues the damsel. Is it then really such a huge surprise … Continue reading How to overcome relationship disaster taught to us by bedtime stories

We can fix society, one story at a time

The screen is cracked. The screen of my cell phone, which I'm currently using to create this post, that is. Like a hideous spider web, it obscures my vision. Already used to the broken fragment, I swiped on. With cell phones being so fragile, I've seen many a person walk 🚶 around with the same … Continue reading We can fix society, one story at a time