To the bride of Christ, Live free, run wild, love strong

Freedom. It has been our collective heart cry, intensified in these days. Lockdowns and restrictions. Or perhaps I should just call it shackles and a cage, on top of those we already live under. Remember, Paul was under lockdown when he penned some of the letters included in the New Testament. What is this blog … Continue reading To the bride of Christ, Live free, run wild, love strong

A clean slate. Clearing away the rubble, into a new day

ABMS Trading Enterprises

“So far, so good,” my text editor tells me. I’m staring at a blank screen. Without words, there are no errors for the text editor to find.

A year ago, in the space where once was our main farm-home, a heap of rubble poked me in the eye.

When I first came there after the fire, before the walls had fallen, I could almost imagine my mother-in-law stepping out of the front door. Greeting us, as she had always done. I can still feel her soft embrace, I can still see the silent sparkle in her eye at our arrival.

When you stepped into the burnt down house, the walls crumbled at a mere touch. So, we hit the whole thing down, and then slowly started removing the rubble.

We needed a space to put down our head, so we concentrated on converting the outside storeroom into a livable flat…

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