Food for thought on chocolate

Chocolate won't solve your problems, yet neither will an apple. This post links to a month’s long daily blogging challenge, during November. See who else has signed up to be a Little Pepper HERE. It’s called NANO POBLANO/ NaBloPoMo. About the Author Sarina often sat on the peaks of the dunes of Southern Africa watching … Continue reading Food for thought on chocolate

#Haiku Challenge 78 – Vast & Clear

Walking in my sleep In the middle of the night By the rivers so deep Passed this vast valley of fear Seeking for something once clear * Walking in the stream In the middle of the night Through desserts of truth Looking for that only seen By way of eyes of the blind ** Searching … Continue reading #Haiku Challenge 78 – Vast & Clear

Are you the white elephant?

From one of his business travels my husband brought home a wooden carving of a mother and baby elephant. My toddler was delighted with the new addition to the household furniture and thought this the ideal toy.  "No, that's daddies" my husband told her, something she did not accept. "Daddy and me" she said. "Okay, … Continue reading Are you the white elephant?