Food for thought on chocolate

Chocolate won't solve your problems, yet neither will an apple. This post links to a month’s long daily blogging challenge, during November. See who else has signed up to be a Little Pepper HERE. It’s called NANO POBLANO/ NaBloPoMo. About the Author Sarina often sat on the peaks of the dunes of Southern Africa watching … Continue reading Food for thought on chocolate

Results, actions and trying #MotivationalQuote

One day, I was sitting in one of our meeting rooms—meditating. As my mind took a walk to far off places, distraction filled I opened my eyes to the below quote. It was smiling at me from a picture on the wall. I later wrote a post titled "if you don't try", to accompany it. … Continue reading Results, actions and trying #MotivationalQuote

What song best describes you?

"Are you one of the beautiful people? Is my name on the list? Want to be of the beautiful people, wanna feel like I'm missed." Lyrics from the song, Guest List by Eels Trying to fit in: I try. I try. I try. I fail. I grew up, I tried again. I failed again. … Continue reading What song best describes you?

15 Motivational Songs to kick A**

Are you still keeping to your New Year’s resolutions? You just could not resist that slice of chocolate cake, could you? It is officially the second month of the year. The month of little chocolate shaped heart candy and other red-coated sweet things. No one blames you. I happen to be of the opinion that … Continue reading 15 Motivational Songs to kick A**