If we were having coffee at the halfway mark

It’s the aroma of coffee, which makes this such a popular drink, don’t you think? My eyelids close ever so slightly as I breathe in the fragrance of the moment. Then an acute awareness strikes me. I’m not alone. It’s at this moment, if we were having coffee, I’d look at you and smile somewhat … Continue reading If we were having coffee at the halfway mark

Listen …

A few day's ago I shared with you this inspirational YouTube Video on a "the Voice" hopeful. If you watched it, you'll have seen his four-year-old and how she inspired her father to go back to music. This morning while driving the soundtrack for Disney's Moana came on. And I remembered the little girl had … Continue reading Listen …

How transformational is the ugly little duckling, really? How this fairy tale actually relates to life.

MiniMe recently requested one of the stories in the H.C. Anderson collection of fairy-tales. As the title suggests, it was of-cause the tale of the Ugly Duckling. The Anderson fairy-tales are one of the most well-known across the globe. Many have been translated into different languages. My own book is written in German, so pardon … Continue reading How transformational is the ugly little duckling, really? How this fairy tale actually relates to life.

Results, actions and trying #MotivationalQuote

One day, I was sitting in one of our meeting rooms—meditating. As my mind took a walk to far off places, distraction filled I opened my eyes to the below quote. It was smiling at me from a picture on the wall. I later wrote a post titled "if you don't try", to accompany it. … Continue reading Results, actions and trying #MotivationalQuote

One word obsession #poetry

Lost, Mindless lines – tap, tap. Stencil Word graffiti with a pencil. Always same, name, same, game A cliché with no counter-claim. Obtrusive. Can’t move on. Turn back so long, When was the last time? Something wrong. One word. One proclamation. One script. The page pressed deep, the pen ripped. Verified, no abbreviation. Agitation. Frustration. … Continue reading One word obsession #poetry

Something to leave you speechless

How you treat someone, says everything about you and nothing about the other person. Here is an interesting YouTube snippet brought to us by the good people at Mindvally. It is really something to think about. This was not what I was expecting when I saw the title of the video. https://youtu.be/oLNrtnFOXZo Have yourself an … Continue reading Something to leave you speechless

What women want

Stop looking at your FaceBook and Twitter feeds for just a while, so I can show you this ageless secret. The secret of what women want, neigh what they crave.It’s this question this blog post will proceed to answer. Yes, I go with a single article where many a book have gone before. I’ll shrink it down in one universal, simple solution. Because after all, I am a woman. Read on.

What song best describes you?

"Are you one of the beautiful people? Is my name on the list? Want to be of the beautiful people, wanna feel like I'm missed." Lyrics from the song, Guest List by Eels https://youtu.be/41V9Bx2ZB_Q Trying to fit in: I try. I try. I try. I fail. I grew up, I tried again. I failed again. … Continue reading What song best describes you?

Word of the day – satire

As most other bloggers, I write this blog because I’m bored and can’t find a better pass time. To indulge my craving to fill this blog with something else than chocolate, I’ve let slip this ‘word of the day feature’. It’s not like people can easily open the dictionary and discover words for themselves. Not … Continue reading Word of the day – satire

Maybe we should let that **** go!

"Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." - unknown This post links to a month’s long daily blogging challenge, during November. See who else has signed up to be a Little Pepper HERE. It’s called NANO POBLANO / NaBloPoMo. About the Author Sarina often sat on the peaks … Continue reading Maybe we should let that **** go!