Something to leave you speechless

How you treat someone, says everything about you and nothing about the other person. Here is an interesting YouTube snippet brought to us by the good people at Mindvally. It is really something to think about. This was not what I was expecting when I saw the title of the video. Have yourself an … Continue reading Something to leave you speechless

What women want

Stop looking at your FaceBook and Twitter feeds for just a while, so I can show you this ageless secret. The secret of what women want, neigh what they crave.It’s this question this blog post will proceed to answer. Yes, I go with a single article where many a book have gone before. I’ll shrink it down in one universal, simple solution. Because after all, I am a woman. Read on.

What song best describes you?

"Are you one of the beautiful people? Is my name on the list? Want to be of the beautiful people, wanna feel like I'm missed." Lyrics from the song, Guest List by Eels Trying to fit in: I try. I try. I try. I fail. I grew up, I tried again. I failed again. … Continue reading What song best describes you?

Word of the day – satire

As most other bloggers, I write this blog because I’m bored and can’t find a better pass time. To indulge my craving to fill this blog with something else than chocolate, I’ve let slip this ‘word of the day feature’. It’s not like people can easily open the dictionary and discover words for themselves. Not … Continue reading Word of the day – satire

What’s the best writer’s joke you know?

Today I hope to make you chuckle. This little spark was on the radio  many moons ago, while I was driving home. Due to the fact that I blogged it way back when, I can still share it with great detail. There once was this boy, blond hair with summer speckles, named John. From the … Continue reading What’s the best writer’s joke you know?

How to overcome procrastination and fear. Change your life today!

When you drop a piece of food on the floor, you have exactly five seconds to pick it up and still be able to eat it. This is called the five second rule. However, when I talk about the five second rule, this food thing ain’t it. In true five second fashion, the five second … Continue reading How to overcome procrastination and fear. Change your life today!