One word obsession #poetry

Lost, Mindless lines – tap, tap. Stencil Word graffiti with a pencil. Always same, name, same, game A cliché with no counter-claim. Obtrusive. Can’t move on. Turn back so long, When was the last time? Something wrong. One word. One proclamation. One script. The page pressed deep, the pen ripped. Verified, no abbreviation. Agitation. Frustration. … Continue reading One word obsession #poetry

To the blog posts I did not write

You were there lingering At the forefront of my mind. Complete with opening lines, Title names And formatting options.   But before I penned  a word Made a few bullet points Or powered up my computer I shot you down!   Not because you were not good Or worthy of composing But the sudden pulse … Continue reading To the blog posts I did not write

#Haiku Friday: Challenge 80

"Is it fear that has kept you away from the song in the wind and the waves" (Jason Upton, Beautiful People) ♥ There’s friendship waiting Take my hand for a fresh start Forgive and Forget ♥ "One dimensional eyes, they never see the truth" (Jason Upton, All things are possible) ♥ In screams of dying … Continue reading #Haiku Friday: Challenge 80

#WeeklySmile – sleep tight

You are never fully dressed without a smile! And guess what? It is contagious. So tread carefully, you may just catch a smile if you continue reading.... I really wanted to be part of Trent's first #weeklysmile link up.  If there is one thing that can make me smile, even in my darkest day -  … Continue reading #WeeklySmile – sleep tight

#Haiku Challenge 78 – Vast & Clear

Walking in my sleep In the middle of the night By the rivers so deep Passed this vast valley of fear Seeking for something once clear * Walking in the stream In the middle of the night Through desserts of truth Looking for that only seen By way of eyes of the blind ** Searching … Continue reading #Haiku Challenge 78 – Vast & Clear