We can fix society, one story at a time

The screen is cracked. The screen of my cell phone, which I'm currently using to create this post, that is. Like a hideous spider web, it obscures my vision. Already used to the broken fragment, I swiped on. With cell phones being so fragile, I've seen many a person walk 🚶 around with the same … Continue reading We can fix society, one story at a time

I was a bully!

No, I did not mistype that heading. The topic of bullies is an ongoing concern in today’s society. One of my friend’s social media threads recently read as such: “This is the reason why teenagers commit suicide.” While there would always be other factors, such as mental health concerns, being bullied is certainly a contributing … Continue reading I was a bully!

Time to say goodbye

Say what you say. Do not be afraid. Afraid. A lullaby to the tune of Andrea Botticelli and Sarah Brightman's duet: “Time to say goodbye” has been stuck on repeat in my mind. “Say what you say. Do not be afraid. Afraid” is however not part of the lyric. Has my mind suddenly turned into … Continue reading Time to say goodbye