Current Blog Series: Losing my Religion

Losing my religion: Which church should I go to?

Spit was flying in all directions. The tie of a large elderly gentleman flung about as his loud voice trumpeted towards his opponent. The other similar looking man had not heard a single word. I glared from one part of the rather small room to the other. It was a literal shouting match, between four…

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Word of encouragement for 2022 – let the river run!

While many prophesy that 2022 will be the year of the doubles, I’d rather tell you: let the river run! I wish you a year where you’d allow the Holy Spirit to flow freely into every area of your life. No longer pool up, let it get stale and shelve all that He is speaking.…

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What is repentance?

“REPENTANCE A change of attitude and action from sin toward obedience to God. The concept of repentance differs slightly in the Hebrew and Greek minds, but an emphasis upon right behaviour is consistent throughout.”Repentance. The Lexham Bible Dictionary (2016) Lexham Press Old Testament Jews had an entire set of rituals, and festival developed around penance.…

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New word of the month: Liturgy

I often look up words as I’m writing, just to check if I’m using them in the correct context however, it’s rare to come across a word so brand spanking new, that I need two or three unique sources to define it. Most of the time I can guess a word by how it’s used…

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